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About Us

Each project for us is a new impressive experience, where we strive to find the best, most interesting, most creative solutions just for you.


   We approach the design of any complexity as a large and important event, which is carefully and scrupulously thought out and prepared in all details and trifles.


   When creating the 4d decor studio, we understood that we had to offer our clients an exclusive, and the level of our events had to be really the highest.


   We are not limited to the standard set of services that every company has, because we use only an individual approach, we take into account everyone's hobbies and interests. In addition, we are used to using the latest technologies and only fresh ideas. Therefore, each project for us is a new, unique story, not like the previous ones.

  Entrust us with your holiday, and we will create for you the decor of your dreams, because our slogan is simple - your doctor of event decoration.


  We have over 6 years of experience and we know how to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere for any budget.


  Call and we will discuss all the details, do not forget to subscribe on social networks to keep abreast of all the promotions.


  Best regards, 4d team



Guest relations manager,
execution of contracts,
conclusion of transactions,
budget planner.  Social
media and website manager.
Company Promotion Manager.



Guest Relations Manager, Event Planner, Company Promotion Manager.  Social media and website manager.



Purchasing manager, delivery, storage of materials, installation and dismantling of complex structures.  Manufacturing of art objects



Head designer, balloons expert, florist, project visualizer and development.

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