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A wedding is the most important event in the life of a family. I want to make this day special in everything, and it is better to entrust the wedding decor to professionals. Art decor studio 4D will take care of the entire organization of the decor and relieve you of stress. Our professionals can help you choose the color palette, theme or style of your wedding.

Art studio 4D offers different types of decor:

  • decoration with flowers

  • decoration with fabrics

  • decor with ballons

  • wedding printing and handcraft items

  • light design

  • and many others


We are pleased to offer you a package offer or an individual package

standart wedding package.jpg


Wedding style


So, the boho style denies everything classical and pretentious. A boho wedding does not have a clear color scheme, you can use things of all colors of the rainbow – the main thing is that they are as bright as possible.


The main criterion for a classic wedding ceremony is the unity of style and colors. The standard of the classics is white. But the choice of such shades as ivory, milk, pearl, silver is quite possible.


The style that conveys the mood of a big city came to us not so long ago, but has already managed to win the hearts of designers, connoisseurs of interesting interiors, professionals in the wedding industry and newlyweds.


A Provence style wedding involves an abundance of living plants, the main of which is lavender. Roses, peonies, ranunculus, lilacs, hydrangeas, bunches of dry herbs, olive branches are also suitable. Plants can be placed in glass or clay vases in the form of pots, bottles, jars.


Retro / vintage

Such a wedding must include billiard tables, an open casino, a whiskey bar, a couple of jukeboxes, posters.

A roulette wheel wedding cake will look great.  The music at the gangster wedding is jazz.  For a wedding procession, you need to try to find retro cars, better convertibles.


Rustic weddings, despite the simplicity of decoration, turn out to be unusual and stylish. In addition, the natural rustic surroundings allow you to create a touching and romantic atmosphere at the holiday.

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